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Dunes d'Auvergne

Posted on 5 October 2016 by Maxence Boyer

Les dunes d'Auvergne
Untitled photo

This photo was taken in the Mont Dore, Auvergne, France, on the west ridge of the Val de Courre.

Untitled photo

The photo was taken at sunset, on November 12th, 2015 at 5:28 pm. The fact that the photo was taken at the time of the sunset allowed to have this orange light which illuminated mountains and reminded me the color of sand dunes in the desert.

Untitled photo

To make this photo I used a Canon 6D with a 24-105mm f4 L USM lens, mounted on a Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT tripod with a Vanguard SBH100 head.

Untitled photo

84mm | f13 | 1/10s | ISO 100

For this photo I tried to have a wide depth of fieldto have all the photo sharp. I was in Aperture mode, I choosed 100 ISO to have the least possible noise and the camera automatically calculated the appropriate shutter speed to correctly exposed the photo.. During the shooting I had also made the same photo with a compensation of exposure +1EV to choose on the computer which exposure is the best. I often make the same photo with bracketing, to be able to choose on my computer the best photo, when I don't work with Live View to check the histogram.

Untitled photo

Original photo :

Untitled photo

I began by cropping the photo into a panoramic format 3x1.

Then I warmed a little my whites balance to enhanced the orangy light (5200K - > 6000K) and I increased the contrast of the photo and added a little vibrancy.

And here is the result :

When I took this photo I imagined in front of my eyes a sand desert which formed dunes. I tried to have the closest photo possible to what I had in mind and when I was in post-treatment I needed only one minute to make my photo.

Untitled photo

During the sunset it's necessary to be particularly reactive to take photos because the light changes very fast!

I took this photo at 5:29 pm, the sunset was at 5:41 pm and here is the photo which I took at 5:42 pm:

In a few minutes the light atmosphere changes a lot.

To see the photo in HD, go to the gallery Landscape .

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