Posted on Septembre 21, 2016 by Maxence Boyer

Blockhaus - Somme - Picardie

I took the photo on the beaches of the English Channel, in the North of France.

This photo was taken during a winter midday, usually it’s not an ideal time to make landscape photography because of the hard light. But the important amount of cloud tis day allowed to have a diffuse light and the low luminosity of this winter day allowed me to have a long exposure without pushing my settings at their maximum.

To make this photo I used a Canon 6D with a 24-105mm f4 L USM lens, mounted on a Sirui carbon tripod with a Vanguard SBH100 head. 

24mm | f9.5 | 8s | ISO 400

On this photo the important point is the aspect of the water. So I tried to have around 10s of exposure. The time parameter being fixed I had only to play between the aperture and the ISO to correctly expose my photo. I tried to have the maximal depth of field and least possible noise,  I began by settling my aperture on f16 but it gave me an ISO of 1600. So I settled an maximum ISO of 400 and I increased my opening until my photo is exposed well.

There is only few post-treatment on this photo. I slightly increased the contrast and the vibrancy, cropped the photo and with a brush I lighted up the center of the image.

Before | After

For long exposures with water in movement the choice of the exposure time is an essential point because it will determine the aspect of the water, more the exposure is long more the water in movement will be smooth. And it’s necessary to have a very solid tripod in order to keep the fixed elements sharp.

To see the photo in HD, go to the gallery Seascape.

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