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Puy des Goules, 20 September 2016

Posted on 28 September 2016 by Maxence Boyer

Abre - Puy des Goules - Auvergne - France

Direction to the Puy des Goules, an old volcano located in the Chaîne des Puys, with Adrien Salles - Wildscapes and Faces to try to capture its tortuous beeches in the fog.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Departure at 7 am to be on the top of the volcano just after the sunrise. Arrived at the parking, we walked around thirty minutes to join the crater of the volcano. Once arrived at the top of the Puy des Goules, a slight mist was present during about ten minutes before fading away.

What had inspired me this trip was this photo that I took two years ago :

Puy des Goules - Auvergne - France

To describe you the place, a grove of trees is present in the crater of this dormant volcano, and among this trees there are 4 very photogenic tortuous beeches.

Here is first one :

Untitled photo

Here is the result once the photo post processed :

Abre - Puy des Goules - Auvergne - France

The two following images were taken with less than a minute of gap, however the cloud had quickly moved and the mist it was a little dissipated between both photos. I always had difficulty finding a processing which suits me to emphasize these trees so I experiment many things and I sometimes obtain photos with very different atmospheres :

Abre - Puy des Goules - Auvergne - France
Abre - Puy des Goules - Auvergne - France

Some meters farther there is another tentacular tree with a long branch coming down at ground level.

Abre - Puy des Goules - Auvergne - France

And finally here is the last tree, more difficult to photograph in its entirety because of the right branch by its righteousness breaks the dynamics of the forms bent of the tree.

Abre - Puy des Goules - Auvergne - France

Here we are, you have met the main trees of the Puy des Goules. For those who would want to go there to make photos, the main difficulty of this place is that the sky is quickly present in the background of the photos and it is generally overexposed because of the strong difference of luminosity which it has with trees.

Finally this unpretentious trip allowed me to bring back me some cool photos.

To see photos in High Defintion, they are present in the gallery Landscape.

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